North Star

Paul Ecke Ranch
This dark red cultivar produces large plants with a domed head. Centers are large with 6-9 tightly-packed, large cyathia that hold well in the greenhouse. North Star is a great example of why multi-location trials are important. Plant vigor was medium in Florida and high in Ontario and North Carolina. Regional differences also occurred in branching and shoot growth. In Ontario and North Carolina, plants branched well and produced uniform shoots. Interestingly, some of the lower axillary shoots did not develop well , but there were still 4 to 5 large flat bract clusters on top of plants consisting of medium to large–sized bracts with numerous secondary and tertiary bracts. In Florida, branching and plant shape was somewhat uneven among the plants. Most plants produced a few strong upright shoots, but often there were smaller thin laterals that grew out to the side. In Florida and North Carolina, the bracts rolled under as they aged and produced a novel but slightly unkempt appearance. North Star showed color quickly and finished early mid-season. In Ontario, North Star finished Nov. 22 and Nov. 26 at 62° and 66°, respectively.
Color Vigor Timing
Red High Mid Season
Trial Year Bract Color Cultivar
2013 Oct. 6, 2013 Nov. 16, 2013 19.5 14.0

North Star
North Carolina State University