Magma Red

The bracts are bright red with distinctive green, red and yellow color in the cyathia. Bracts are held flat. The plants have thick stems and a good upright habit. There was a considerable number of small secondary shoots inside the plant. Plants are medium to high vigor. Plants tended to open up some in the Florida heat, but performed well in North Carolina and Ontario. Lateral elongation after the pinch was rapid and early PGR sprays may be needed. Plants flowered late mid-season in Ontario, but late in North Carolina and Florida. Magma Red has the vigor to produce big plants and will be useful in larger plant sizes. In smaller containers, it will be useful where short schedules are used
Color Vigor Timing
Red Medium Late Season
Trial Year Bract Color Cultivar
2015 Oct. 15, 2015 Nov. 28, 2015 18.0 14.5

Magma Red
North Carolina State University