Autumn Leaves

Paul Ecke Ranch
Autumn Leaves opens a new category in poinsettias. As indicated by the name, the bracts resemble the color of leaves in the fall. The bracts have a rich yellow color with small pink flecks of color. The amount of pink coloration is very slight in the first transition bracts and becomes greater as the smaller bracts develop. The yellow color deepens with age as well. Two important traits of Autumn Leaves are that it is very low vigor and that it initiates and finishes early. Finish time is early November. Therefore, it is necessary to include adequate vegetative growth time in the crop schedule. This is an even greater issue in cooler climates. If given enough time to grow, the plants have good branching and stem strength and form an upright habit. Florida studies indicate that it does not heat delay. The plants have good resistance to Botrytis and excellent postharvest durability. Autumn Leaves can be grown in both cooler and warmer climates. It can be used in 4 to 6.5-inch containers and also as a straight-up, but again vigor is very low. Autumn Leaves will be useful for growers wanting to expand the market during the fall and Thanksgiving period.
Color Vigor Timing
Other Novelties Low Early Season
Trial Year Bract Color Cultivar
2014 Oct. 4, 2014 Nov. 12, 2014 16.0 10.0

Autumn Leaves
North Carolina State University